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Shura Council Reviews Important Outcome of the 140th IPU General Assembly

15 April 2019

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The Shura Council held its regular weekly meeting today under the chairmanship of His Excellency Mr. Ahmed Bin Abdulla Bin Zaid Al-Mahmoud, the Speaker of the Shura Council.

At the beginning of the meeting the Speaker of the Shuar Council expressed the  thanks and the appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir of the State of Qatar( May Allah protects him) for his participation in the opening session of the  140th, General Assembly of the IPU and the accompanying meetings held in Doha from 6th,  to 10th, April, and for addressing the Assembly with a detailed speech,  which was the subject of interest and welcome by the participating delegates, as it tackled important issues and valuable principles, as it reflected the ambitions and aspirations of the peoples of the world and their hopes, and as it precisely and objectively addressed the topics on the agenda of the general, especially education, which was the theme of the discussions.

His Excellency informed the Council on important outcomes of the meetings of the 140th, General Assembly the IPU as being the most successful assembly in the history of the IPU, particularly in the light of the broad and the unprecedented participation in its proceedings, which amounted to 160 countries, noting the statements and the resolutions of the General Assembly of the IPU which were embodied in Doha Declaration on parliaments as platforms to promote education for peace, security and the rule of law.

His Excellency expressed his happiness and the deep and sincere gratefulness to the heads of the parliamentary delegations from over the world, who flocked to Doha, in recognition and respect for Qatar’s leadership, in confidence in the policy and in honor of the Qatari people. H. E. also thanked the IPU Executive Committee, the Governing Council, the President, the Secretary General and all the organs of the IPU for their appreciated efforts, which had the greatest impact on the success of the meetings of the General Assembly and the associated meetings.

His Excellency also expressed thanks and appreciation to the parliamentarians who participated in the meetings of the General Assembly of the IPU, those who expressed their rejection to the illegal and illegitimate blockade of the State of Qatar, either at the General Assembly or during the meetings held on the sideline of the General Assembly that took place in Doha recently.

His Excellency the Speaker of the Shura Council and the Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the General Assembly of the IPU, expressed thanks to the esteemed Government, all its organs, bodies and institutions that applied their potentials and provided all requirements for the success of this great international parliamentary event.

His Excellency also praised the members, and the staff of the Shura Council for their appreciated performance before the start and during the IPU meetings. He further thanked the Organizing Committee which carried out its tasks efficiently and effectively. He as well thanked the newspapers and the local and global media that reflected the discussions and the outcomes of the proceedings of the 140 General Assembly of the IPU 140 internally and externally. He further thanked the volunteering youth who contributed to realization of this achievement.

The Council then continued its deliberations and discussed the report of its Legal and Legislative Affairs Committee on a draft law amending some provisions of law No (21) for the year 2004 on the Ministers. the Council approved the said draft law and decided to submit its recommendations to the esteemed Government.