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Qatar, Kuwait, Oman MPs agree on combating E- Flies

08 April 2019

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Representative of Kuwait's parliament, Ali al-Dukbasi called on countries around the world to work jointly for tackling cybercrime and spread of false news on social media networking to ensure information security and contribute to the prevention of lawlessness with absolute faith in freedom of expression within the limits of human values.

For his part, member of the Qatari Shura Council, Youssef Al-Khater, supported the Kuwaiti MP’s statement, highlighting the responsibility of the major companies to control spread of information in social networking platforms. Al-Khater pointed out that what is known as e-flies is threatening countries and their stability.

In the same context, the representative of the Omani Shura Council, Abdullah Al-Omari called for blocking the social networking websites which fail to comply with publishing rules or if the legislation fails to control their encroachment.