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Golan Heights and the protection of Palestinians top priorities for the Islamic Parliamentarian Group

06 April 2019

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HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud, Speaker of the Shura Council and Chairman of the coordination meeting of the Islamic Parliamentarian Group, has expressed his hopes that the meetings of the group would be successful and productive for the good of the Muslim world and people.  

He called on the representatives at the group to unify their suggestions and recommendations for the protection of people and enhancing solidarity among them.  The representatives of the participating Islamic countries have made various suggestions regarding providing the Palestinian people with the due protection, and guarantee them an effective international protection, in addition to the protection of Muslim minorities in different world countries, and the combating racism and hatred against Islam. 

In the meantime, Mohamed Khouraichi Niass, Secretary General of The Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States, pointed out that the Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC) Conference, held recently in Morocco, condemned the frequent Israeli violations against the Palestinian people, and asked the United Nations to provide them with the necessary protection.  

He added: “The Islamic countries have observed that after its recent conference in Morocco, the sufferings of the Palestinian people have increased due to the Israeli arrogance.” 

He said that the declaration to recognize Golan Heights as Israeli territories is null and violates all international laws and protocols. Niass stressed the importance of protecting Muslim minorities everywhere in the world, in particular after the attacks on the two mosques in New Zealand.

The representative of Palestine pointed out that all the suggestions and recommendations are interlacing and have to be unified, pointing to what is happening at Al Aqsa Mosque on the hands of the Zionists. He stressed that the protection of the Palestinians is an immensely important issue. 

The representative of the Iraqi Parliament stressed the importance of peaceful coexistence and the protection of the rights of minorities. He said that it is necessary to provide the Palestinian people with adequate protection and recognize the Arab sovereignty on the Golan Heights. The Islamic Parliamentarian Group should focus on such issues. 

The representative of Iran called for putting the Islamic issues on the top priorities and supporting world countries on related Islamic issues. 

The representative of Pakistan saw that the Muslim World is facing various challenges, which requires the unifying of efforts to address them.